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Daughter Warms Our (Indie) Hearts with Bear’s Den at the Fillmore in SF Oct. 7th

October 15, 2013
Daughter playing at the Fillmore in San Francisco Oct 7th

Daughter playing at the Fillmore in San Francisco Oct 7th

Despite Outside Lands music festival being just short of three months ago, Daughter, a London based band, returned to San Francisco and played at the Fillmore last Monday.

I did not know that Daughter was playing in San Francisco so soon since their last appearance; luckily a friend happened to shoot me a Facebook message about their return to the Bay Area. So, last Monday, I put on a plaid shirt and pulled up my slim fit jeans for a night of great indie-rock music.

Bear’s Den, another London based band, opened for Daughter. Until last Monday, this band was unknown to me; so I decided that it wouldn’t be too band if I missed a little bit of their set.

However, that was a big mistake. When I finally arrived to the Fillmore, the crowd and energy was in full swing. Bear’s Den was rocking (in an indie-folk kinda way) the crowd. I’m sure that most of the audience there were for Daughter and was in the same position as I, foreign to this Bear(‘s Den). But that little factor did not matter because they were AWESOME!

Here is a video of their closing song “Hard Life”:

You can feel their powerful encompassing stage presence in this video; their whole sound filling the room.

Bear’s Den made great use of the acoustic guitar; you can hear the lead vocalist, Joey Haynes, strum every cord during “Hard Life”. As they (indie)rocked on, newly acquired groupies are howling their cries of new found love onto the stage. It was an amazing set by this newly discovered band; and I’m sure other people enjoyed it and became new fans as well.

Although Bear’s Den put on a magnificent show, the crowd was still craving more indie-rock action, and Daughter would satisfy our appetite!

When the lights went dim and lead vocalist Elena Tonra took to the mic, the Fillmore erupted with noise. Seeing how I was filled with Lagunitas IPA, which was quite a big amount judging how each beer was about 15 bucks (14+1 dollar for tip), I joined the massive and showed my love for Daughter by screaming out an incomprehensible cry that was swallowed up by other Daughter-loving-cries, telling the three British people in front of us that we were ready to be taken on an emotional journey.

And if you have ever listened to any of Daughter’s music, you will know that it is an EMOtional roller-coaster filled with mix feelings of happiness, sadness, confusion and of course overcoming euphoria.

Daughter opened with “Still”, a song off their new album If You Leave. This song, along with the amazing array of lights, set the tone for the night, proving that this will be an “emo” roller-coaster indeed.

Amsterdam” was their next song. A song which I realized was more powerful and amazing live when compared to its’ studio version. The guitarist, Igor Haefeil, brought a smothering eerie sound to my ears as he strung his electric guitar with a bow. Something which, until tonight, I did not think was possible.

Their next song, one of my favorites, was “Landfill”, a classic off their 2011 album His Young Heart.

As Daughter played with our emotions through their sound, our visual senses also took in a welcoming but depressing stimulus as the stage illuminated a midnight blue light over the band. This was also a crowd favorite as they sang softly along with the chorus: “I want you so much/ but I hate your guts”.

Now don’t leave the drummer, Remi Aguilella, out of this equation of beautiful music. We got to see a lot of his action during the song “Tomorrow”.

You can hear his presence in the video as he bangs on the drums, letting us know that he was back there.

This was a great show; not only because of their incredible music, but also because of their fan interaction. Elena and Igor had a lot of the speaking roles as the fans shouted at them during their set.

One great interaction was when a, presumably drunk, male audience member yelled out “I love you”. Elena graciously replied, “I love you too” in her cute (and a little bit shy) British accent. To be honest, it was hard to hear her at times when she spoke, but I doubt anyone care because of how cute she sounded.

Another fan yelled out that it was someone’s birthday, which was a great segway into another one of their classic, and another favorite of mine, “Candles”.

Again you can hear the crowd softly getting into it as everyone sang along. It was truly beautiful as the music of Daughter reminded us, just-in-case we forgotten, what the joy and suffering of love feels like.

Actually, when “Candles” came on, I subconsciously let out a loud “bro” roar, which caused my friend to shoot me a amused but disapproving look that reminded me that we were at an artistically gifted musicians show and not a frat party.

I was saddened when the show ended. It was an amazing show that surprised me by how much it blew my mind. I even made new friends with a random group of girls who yelled out along side me in hope that Daughter would play “Medicine” as their encore. They didn’t. Instead, they played a cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”.

When I asked my friend, Elle, if she was disappointed that she missed Daughter at Outside Lands, she replied no and was glad to have seen them in a more intimate venue as she expressed her phrase for their usage of the stage lights.

This of course is different than my regular EDM reviews, but it was still an amazing show never-the-less and was just as entrancing as seeing a DJ. And of course this was not my first live indie show nor will it be my last as I plan on attending more.

Now on that note, I will leave you with a video of the first song (and yes another one of my favorites) that I heard from Daughter; which is also the same song that got my friend, who told me about the show, hooked: “Youth”.


PS, I love her accent.

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